What’s In Our Bag?

One mistake we think boudoir photographers make is showing up to a shoot with a metric ton of gear: multiple lights, reflectors, props, etc. it’s one thing to show up with loads of gear when you’re dealing with professional models and commercial clients, but when you’re photographing private clients who may never have been professionally photographed before, and are nervous as hell, this can be an intimidating experience. For this reason, we like to keep our equipment to a minimum when it comes to boudoir shoots. And so, emptying out our camera bag for your eyes only, this is what we work with.

First of all, our main camera is the Fujifilm X-T3. It’s a fantastic little camera that looks and works like an old school film camera. Stuart originally learned to take photos on those old school cameras, and we both love the way it handles. It’s small, very lightweight, and the picture quality is of amazingly high standard. It also takes some phenomenal 4K video! The only downside is that it’s battery life isn’t the best, so we carry spare batteries and a power pack, since we can recharge the battery through USB.

The lenses we use on our boudoir shoots are the 50mm f/2 lens. It’s also very small, very lightweight, and amazing image quality. We round out our camera bag with the also very excellent 23mm f/2 lens, that lets us get real close and personal with our models. Both of these lenses remind us a lot of old SLR lenses, or even those great Leica lenses that date from today all the way back to the 1950s or earlier. We are fans of small yet powerful and potent gear, so these are right up our alley.

We use Lexar 2000x 64GB memory cards, and always have a handful of them in the bag. In the little side pockets we have some Lenspens, which are cleaning brushes shaped like pens. 

Oh, as a throwback to the old days of shooting film, we use a light meter. Our light meter is a repurposed iPhone, with an accessory and app by Luxi, that turns the phone into a full-fledged light meter.

Another great accessory is the Aputure M9 LED light, a tiny battery-powered light that you can hide anywhere on set to get that last bit of light on the subject. This little guy can save a shoot! It can be mounted on the camera, on a tripod, or just placed anywhere you need it to go.

There are not many items in photography that are as fun as instant photos. We have a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera in our bag, as well, for some spontaneous shots that our clients can take home as a little taster. We also do a lot of our private work in Instax, much of which can be purchased in our webshop at lanoctambule.com, our outlet for our more erotic work.

We love that all our gear fits inside a Patagonia backpack, which has a Jill-E bag insert inside that fits the camera and both our lenses.