Do I have to be naked?

Nope! The shoot is all about you, so you set the boundaries. It’s all about your comfort level, and what you want to portray!

Do you have a styling team?

Yes, we do! We have a variety of hair stylists and makeup artists we can call upon to make you look movie star amazing! 

Do you do couple shoots?

We sure do, send us a message!

Are you LGBT-friendly?

Of course! We don’t discriminate.

How about male clients?

We’re always interested in shooting guys!

Where does the shoot take place?

We usually shoot in hotel rooms, that enables us to travel to you, no matter where in the world you are. We are open to shooting at any location you feel comfortable in. Want to shoot in the woods, or at the beach? Done. Want to shoot at your own home? Absolutely.

Will you travel to me?

If you want to book us, we’ll come. There are travel rates that apply, but we can talk about that when you contact us.

Are you going to retouch me?

Minimally. Retouching is like salt, a little brings out the flavor, but too much leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. Rest assured, you will look like yourself in your photos, what we do is emphasize the features you like the most about yourself, like make your tushy pop a little more, or remove the occasional skin blemish. We won’t remove a huge back tattoo, and we’ll work with you to figure out what you’d like to hide, and what you’d like to show. That little tattoo with your ex’s name on it you got when you were in college, though? Consider it gone!

What are your prices?

Our session fee is $500, including hair/makeup and location. Please keep in mind that products are sold separately, and we have a variety of products we know you’ll love!