About Us

We are Sherri and Stuart, a partnership that not only shares the joy of running S2 Photography, but have also shared our lives together for almost 20 years. Sharing a mutual love for art, photography in general, and fashion and sensual boudoir photography in particular, has inspired us to offer intimate photo sessions for adventurous, courageous and inspirational women. 

Stuart takes the photos, and Sherri styles you and your set, and occasionally picks up the camera herself!

S2 is LGBT-friendly. S2 exists to celebrate sensuality in all its forms. S2 photographs women of all shades and sizes, as well as men and couples (send us an email for our couple rates)

We are not without our own faults. Both of us have a history of anxiety, depression, and other issues that we continuously work on. And we know that a lot of the women we work with have similar stories. We believe that by sticking together, embracing our flaws, and helping other women grab their lives by the collar and take control of their beauty, sensuality and sexuality, we can make life a little better.